30 Year Joint Warranty System

Loadmaster Roof Decks, in association with three major roofing manufacturers, offers a roof assembly (roof deck and roof covering) for low sloped structures that carries a 30 Year Joint Performance Warranty.  The roof assembly is a Loadmaster Roof Deck topped with a Modified Bitumen Roofing membrane supplied by any one of these three fine roofing manufacturers:

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Loadmaster Roof Decks, which have been in use for over 48 years, have proven to extend the life of both built up and modified bitumen roof membranes for many years.  Recent surveys of roof membranes in place for 30 to 48 years over Loadmaster Roof Decks have confirmed their extended life provided by Loadmaster.  Loadmaster’s current performance record is 36 years of service for a 3-ply 15 lb. asphalt felt roof with a gravel surface over a Loadmaster Roof Deck.  At the time of installation this roof covering was a designated as a 15 year roof.  That is 21 years of added life or a life extension of 140% for the roof covering! Modified Bitumen membranes installed on Loadmaster Roof Decks 30 years ago are still in use, performing very nicely and are anticipated to provide many more years of service life.     

The most common source of roof failure (leakage) for low sloped roofs occurs at flashings.  Flashings at perimeter edges, flashings at parapet walls and flashings at expansion joint curbs provide excellent opportunities for leakage due to differential movement of horizontal and vertical components and the use of unstable organic wood components as anchorage members.  All unstable wood components in these areas are replaced with Loadmaster Terminator inorganic steel components which provided composite strength, vertical and horizontal stress isolation and long term stability for flashings.  For more information, click on the Terminator tab on the right hand selection column on this page. 

Longer term leak free performance from these roof membranes over Loadmaster is not an accident.  Loadmaster was designed and engineered from its inception 48 years ago to provide a superior roofing foundation that  properly protects roof coverings from stresses created by mother nature.  These long term performance results are a solid confirmation of the validity of the design principles used and the results they produce in providing an outstanding roofing foundation that increases the life of roof coverings.     

The 30 Year Joint Performance Warranty being offered covers roof leaks, the roof deck’s suitability as a proper substrate for the roof covering, roof deck gravity load capacity, roof deck wind uplift resistance and roof deck diaphragm shear strength  – all for a period of 30 years!  For more complete information on the warranty coverage contact Loadmaster’s Technical Department or any of the participating roofing manufacturers. 

Professional Installation of this roof assembly is performed by licensed and trained Loadmaster Dealers who are also trained and approved by the roofing manufacturers.  Installing Loadmaster Dealers will also sign the 30 Year Joint Performance Warranty providing warranty coverage of their workmanship.    

At the building owner’s option,  each roofing manufacturer offers a 10 year extension of the 30 Year warranty, bringing the total warranty period available to 40 years.  For additional information on this 10 year warranty extension, contact the local Loadmaster Representative, the individual roofing manufacturers or Loadmaster’s Technical Department.  

The 30 Year Joint Performance Warranty is available for both new and retrofit applications.  For more detailed information on this outstanding program, contact a Loadmaster Representative, one of the roofing manufacturers listed or Loadmaster’s Technical Department.       

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