Green Roofs

loadmastergreenGreen roofs, also called “vegetated roof covers”, “living roofs” or “eco-roofs” are thin layers of living plants that are installed on top of conventional roofs. Properly designed, they are stable, living ecosystems that replicate many of the processes found in nature.

Green roofs provide many ecological, aesthetic and financial benefits, including:

The design of the green roof has to include the proper vegetation with its growing medium, root barrier, drainage, insulation and waterproofing. Depending on the types and amounts of vegetation used, additional roof loads from 6 to 40 pounds per square foot are added to the structure.

Properly installed, the waterproofing can last more than two times as long as a conventional roof. However, the stability of the substrate, providing support to the waterproofing, is critical to the performance of the waterproofing.

The Loadmaster Roof Deck System is ideal for green roofs.  Loadmaster provides one of the most stable of all substrates for the waterproofing.

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