System Design Strategy

Design Strategy for Loadmaster Roof Decks:

The best performing roof deck for supporting and protecting roof coverings is reinforced structural concrete (RSC) –  which is a structural composite system.  Loadmaster,  which is also a structural composite system, copies the performance properties of RSC  to the degree possible.  Here is why!

Example:  In Galveston, Texas, a structural concrete warehouse located at dockside, had a coal tar built-up roof covering that was found to have been in place for over 85 years. It was still serviceable when located.   Of course, coal tar has longer aging properties than asphalt, but requires a stable platform to function properly. The structural composite roof deck system provided the stability and support needed to protect the roof covering and produce this type of longevity.  Operational and maintenance costs for the roof covering were greatly reduced.


History has shown roof membranes installed over RSC  exhibit  extended, long term performance which reduces building maintenance and operating costs .  This performance is a byproduct of the 7 benefits outlined above.

Loadmaster Roof Decks used the benefits of RSC as its design model in creating the structural composite system it now supplies the industry.  In applying Loadmaster to steel frame in lieu of concrete frame construction, several adaptations were required that modified the design.


History has shown roof membranes installed over Loadmaster  provide extended long term performance which reduces building operating costs .

Example:  Two plant buildings in Plano, TX for a large electronics manufacturer have Loadmaster Roof Decks with 20 yr asphalt built-up roofs that are 29 and 34 years old.  Buildings are now being recovered.  Initial roof coverings lasted 145% and 170% longer than expected.  Increased long term performance is a function of the benefits provided by the Loadmaster Roof Deck System and results in lowered operational and maintenance costs.

Roof coverings over Loadmaster have extended life due to the qualities of permanence, stability and heat management provided by the system.