Code Approved Roof Coverings

Low Sloped Roof Coverings

The selection of the correct roof covering is vital to achieving IBC compliance for the roof assembly.  Only those roof coverings that have been tested as required by Chapter 15 of the IBC regulations will complete the assembly and make it a lawful assembly. The use of untested and unqualified roof coverings over Loadmaster roof decks place the roof assembly outside the building code and reduces it to an unlawful assembly.  To comply with code regulations, the tested code approved roof coverings and approved manufactures of each are listed below:

Built Up Roofing —————————  GAF – Johns Manville – U. S. Ply, Inc.

Modified Bitumen ————————– Siplast – GAF –  Johns Manville – U. S. Ply, Inc.

PVC Membranes  ————————-  Carlisle – GAF – Johns Manville

TPO Membranes  ————————-  Carlisle – GAF – Johns Manville

EPDM  Membranes  ———————-  Carlisle


NOTE:  All roof coverings are to be fully adhered to the Loadmaster roof deck.  Loose laid or mechanically attached membranes are not tested and are not code approved.

For more information on low-sloped roof coverings contact your local Loadmaster Dealer or call the Loadmaster Technical Department at 800-527-4035.

Steep Sloped Roof Coverings

Shingles, Slate & Tile:  Chapter 15 of the IBC does not require these roof coverings to be tested as an assembly in conjunction with the roof deck. They require proper engineering design to function as intended. Loadmaster is compatible and operates very well with all asphalt shingle types, slate (both real and synthetic) and various types of tile. For specific information on a particular roof covering and how it works with Loadmaster contact Loadmaster’s Technical Department at 800-527-4035.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: This roofing type requires assembly testing for wind resistance just like low sloped roofing. The entire roof assembly (Loadmaster Roof Deck & roof covering) must be wind uplift tested as a unit to establish its wind uplift resistance and code compliance. For current information on metal roofing systems tested and approved in conjunction with Loadmaster, contact Loadmaster’s Technical Department at 800-527-4035.