FREE Design and Engineering Assistance

Loadmaster has computerized all design and engineering requirements for all its systems – both for new and retrofit applications.  Therefore we can provide Architects, Engineers, our Dealers and potential customers with prompt design and engineering assistance for any new or retrofit project.  All computer generated  engineering has been developed under the supervision of an independent structural engineering firm licensed in 40 states and the firm reviews and seals our computer generated designs upon our request.   Hence the name “CompuDesign” for this FREE design and engineering service. Compudesign-cover

Designs developed are presented in a bound booklet called a Design Proposal.  The booklet includes Input Data on which the design is based, system designations and performance characteristics that are recommended to meet the requirements, cross-sectional drawings and a detailed CSI MasterFormat specification for the system recommended.  Multiple copies are made available per the instructions of the initiating party.  Turnaround time for preparation of the Design Proposal averages 3 to 4 days.

Designs are based upon proprietary testing and engineering.  For more detailed information on these characteristics contact Loadmaster’s Technical Department at 800-527-4035.

Individual Data Input forms are available for each of Loadmaster’s individual systems, both for new and retrofit applications and are listed below:

Data Input Forms for Design Proposals (Online Form)

Loadmaster Roof Decks  –  New Construction Systems

Loadmaster Roof Decks  –  Retrofit Existing Roof Deck

LWIC  Concrete Roof Deck  –  Retrofit Existing Roof Deck

Gypsum Roof Decks  –  Retrofit Existing Roof Deck

Data Input Forms for Design Proposals (Downloadable PDF)

Loadmaster CompuDesign Form – New Construction

Loadmaster Retrofit CompuDesign Form – Existing Loadmaster

Loadmaster Retrofit CompuDesign Form – LWIC Decking

Loadmaster Retrofit CompuDesign Form – Gypsum Deck