Terminator System


The Terminator System is a collection of highly engineered, structural composite termination and transition details designed to function  in conjunction with the Loadmaster Roof Deck System.  They are constructed of G-60 galvanized steel in various gages, starting with the lightest member being 20 ga. steel and graduating upwards to 12 ga. where conditions warrant.  They are custom designed and manufactured to fit the specific structural requirements of a given project and assembled with all screw connections.  They are attached to the steel framing system of the structure by either welding or screw attachment.


The termination details are designed for use at roof edges, expansion joints and parapet wall terminations as shown in the above drawings.  The design of the components creates structural composite performance with the roof deck section. The entire assembled detail provides structural strength considerable in excess of the individual components.  These details can serve as shear collectors for diaphragm shear loads, support gravity loads and resist wind uplift loads eliminating the need for steel angles at these locations.


The eave detail shown above works very well for roof edges and rakes on sloped roof construction. These details anchor thee edge and rakes against wind forces and eliminate any edge peel of the roof deck assembly under heavy wind loads. Roof coverings can be screw attached into the flanges provided on these details to eliminate roof covering edge peel under hurricane force winds as well.


The transition details are designed for valleys, hips and ridges and are formed steel plates that include a “strength hump” in the center  to improve stability and load capacity of the steel sections.  They are denoted as Integra Plates and are available in gages up to 10 ga. steel plate.

All details are individually designed and engineered for specific job requirements and they support gravity loads, uplift wind loads and diaphragm shear loads.  They totally eliminate the need for wood blocking and all flashings are screw attached.  This feature eliminates the problems of unstable wood blocking that curls and buckles and nails that back out of wood members causing leaks and blow-offs.   And the best part of all – this improvement in durability and sound performance does not cost any more.  Experience has shown that the Terminator System is actually less expensive than conventional details.  Also, the Terminator System is installed along with the roof deck system by the same workmen and this speeds up construction, gets the building in the dry quicker and provides superior performance.   The Terminator System is definitely a better way to go!

U. S. Patent No. 6088992