Duratrax Concealed Fastening System

duratraxDESCRIPTION: Duratrax is a patented concealed fastening system developed by Loadmaster Systems, Inc. to facilitate the attachment of roof coverings to a Loadmaster Roof Deck where conventional attachment techniques are unacceptable. Duratrax fastening tracks are an integral part of a Loadmaster assembly and are installed as a component of the Loadmaster system.



Duratrax has been designed and engineered to provide attachment for the following:

Duratrax strips can be located within the Loadmaster assembly as required to match attachment spacings and frequency of the desired roof covering.

Strength Characteristics:

Floating track: Unattached track restrained by 5/8″ Duraflex Mineral Board has exhibited uplift resistance in excess of 200 PSF.

Anchored Track: Where extreme or concentrated uplift loads are anticipated, tracks may be screw anchored to the steel deck sections below to provide increased uplift performance.