Loadmaster Duraclad Roofing Underlayment

duracladDESCRIPTION: Duraclad Roofing Underlayment is a 40 mil self-adhering preformed membrane comprised of two layers of premium grade asphalt bitumen with styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) resin surrounding a strong, inert, non-woven polyester fiber core. Regular Duraclad features a reflective white fabric top surface for increased foot traffic safety and ultraviolet radiation stability. Smooth Surface Duraclad eliminates the white fabric top exposing a smooth coating of modified asphalt. A two-piece release film on the bottom surface facilitates positioning the sheet prior to its final placement. Removal of the release film allows the self-adhering sheet to contact the surface below, and bonding facilitated by slight surface pressure is immediate. Duraclad’s high tensile strength and self-adhering quality allows it to seal around screw penetrations keeping out damaging moisture. Duraclad’s high grade asphalt resists decay and decomposition.

FUNCTION: Duraclad Roofing Underlayment is specifically manufactured as an underlayment for metal roofs, asphalt shingles, bituminous roofing, tile and slate in conjunction with Loadmaster Duraflex Mineral Board.


Thickness 40 +/- 5 mils
Color Black
Core Tensile Strength ASTMD882A 1,400 psi
SBS Bitumen Elongation ASTM BD412 500%
Permeance ASTM E96 0.003 perms
Pliability ASTM D146 Passes

The physical properties listed above are presented as typical average values as determined by accepted ASTM test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. This data is offered as a service to our customers and is subject to change without notice.