Building Codes


International Building Code (IBC) 

IBC Chapter 15 – Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures

Section 1502 Definitions

ROOF ASSEMBLYA system designed to provide weather protection and resistance to design loads. A roof assembly includes the roof deck, vapor retarder, substrate or thermal barrier, insulation, vapor retarder, and roof covering.

Section 1504 Performance Requirements

1504.1 Wind resistance of roofs. Roof decks and roof covering shall be designed for wind loads in accordance with Chapter 16  – – – – -”

Chapter 16 – Structural Design

Section 1609.5 Roof Systems
1609.5.1 Roof Deck. The roof deck shall be designed to withstand the wind pressures determined in accordance with ASCE 7.
1609.5.2 Roof coverings. Roof coverings shall comply with Section 1609.5.1.

Section 1504.3.1 Other roof systemsRoof systems with built-up, modified bitumen, fully adhered or mechanically attached single-ply through fastened metal panel roof systems, and other types of membrane roof coverings shall also be tested in accordance with FM4450,FM4470,UL580 or UL 1897.
The Roof Assembly (roof deck and roof covering)  must be designed AND TESTED  to withstand wind loads in accordance with ASCE 7.

Note: Current ASCE-7 minimum wind velocities in the USA range from 105 MPH, which is a Category 2 hurricane, to 120 MPH which is a Category 3 hurricane,  depending on where the project is located,    

IBC Compliance Required:

The roof assembly forms a structural system to resist wind loads, seismic loads and gravity loads.  Per IBC, the assembly is required to be designed and tested for specific wind velocities prior to use on any structure.  To use untested roof assemblies is a code violation and is unlawful.

Unlawful code violations are subject to fines / day and can result in insurance being canceled on buildings experiencing damages.  Criminal and civil liabilities can accrue to building owners should someone become injured or killed as a result of a building code violation.

Loadmaster assemblies, including all components, have been designed and tested as required by code with specific roof coverings to resist all required design loads:

All Loadmaster assemblies (roof deck, terminations and transitions) are code compliant and can be sealed by a structural engineer licensed in the state a project is located.

For more detailed information contact Loadmaster Technical Department at 800-527-4035