System Components

Over 40 Years of Engineering Advancement

Construction System
Loadmaster is a roof deck construction system, integrally engineered for today’s building industry. Over 40 years of engineering advancement has been developed from meeting every building design challenge. Loadmaster systems are engineered for wind uplift resistance. The reduced stresses in roof covering¬† prolongs life span of the roof covering.
Composite Engineering
Each Loadmaster Roof Deck Assembly is engineered not only for the unique needs of each building design but to develop composite structural performance among the components. mainpageassembly

System Components
The flexible interfacing of 91 components delivers well in excess of 5000 possible assemblies. Each component is engineered and designed for compatibility and complementary structural performance.

Twelve Configurations
The Loadmaster System has twelve assembly configurations derived from three original structures, with each having four options. The three structures are “Basic” (Duraflex Mineral Board affixed to steel), “Insulated” (Duraflex Mineral Board and insulation affixed to steel) and “Dual Board” (Duraflex Mineral Board top and bottom of insulation, and affixed to steel). Each of these structures can be nailable, acoustical and nailable/acoustical.

Over 5000 Assemblies
Over 5000 different assembly combinations are available within the possibilities developed from 91 component choices and the 12 assembly configurations. These will meet virtually all types of building designs, all model building code requirements and will function as a substrate for all types of roof covering. For more information, see the Loadmaster Assembly Guide.

Finest Quality Components
Duraflex Mineral Board
At the heart of Loadmaster’s superior performance is the unique Duraflex Mineral Board, manufactured to perform as an ideal substrate for virtually all types of roof covering.

High Performance Steel
Loadmaster steel sections are engineered to provide the best cost/performance value and are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards.

High Performance Insulation
Foam plastic and sound absorbing insulations that resist moisture damage are utilized because of proven thermal, structural and fire resistant characteristics.