When retrofitting a conventional steel deck roof assembly it is important to check local building codes to ascertain which edition of the IBC or IEBC is in effect.  The newer code editions contain several new wind requirements that require a structural engineering analysis of the existing steel decking. If found lacking under new code requirements, additional structural engineering will be required to design changes to meet the new wind requirements.  This new engineering usually requires the installation of additional fasteners in either the attachment of the steel deck sheets to the support system, or additional fasteners connecting the side laps of the steel sheets or additional fasteners around the perimeter of the area, or all three.  These and possibly other  measures will be required to bring the performance of the assembly into compliance with the new wind codes.  If these requirements are not met, the retrofitted roofing would not be in compliance with the code and the building could be classified as “dangerous” since it would not meet the wind resistance requirements and could be subject to collapse under heavy wind loads. 031

To instigate a Loadmaster evaluation of the existing steel deck, a licensed and trained Loadmaster Dealer will make an inspection and take samples of the steel deck for evaluation. From the Dealer’s Inspection Report, Loadmaster’s Technical Department will conduct a structural engineering  check of current building codes and a structural analysis of the existing steel deck conditions in keeping with current code requirements.  If necessary, a new design of the steel deck attachments that will meet all current code requirements will be prepared. A Design Proposal booklet will be prepared by Loadmaster’s Technical Department outlining the inspection findings and any measures necessary to modify the existing steel deck.  It will also illustrate the Loadmaster components to be installed on the steel deck to provide insulation, eliminate wood blocking and create the structural composite unit to receive the roof covering. If necessary, this Design Proposal can be sealed by an independent structural engineering firm licensed in the state the project is located. From this Design Proposal any Loadmaster Dealer can prepare a bid for removing the existing roof covering and insulation and creating the new roof assembly.

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Additionally, a Loadmaster Retrofit assembly is designed including the required insulation and Loadmaster Duraflex Mineral Board, all engineered and screw attached to meet the current code requirements and be compatible with the roof covering to be installed.  The Loadmaster Roof Deck System has a 50 year proven record of controlling the stresses that shorten the life of roof coverings.  This is accomplished by causing all components of the assembly to unite into a single composite structural unit which protects the roof covering from life shortening stresses.  History has shown it is not unusual for a roof covering over a Loadmaster Roof Deck to experience a life extension of 50 to 75 %.  The current record to date is a life extension of 21 years or 140% on a 15 year specification roof covering.   For more details on this “stress control” process please contact your local Loadmaster Representative.


The selection of the correct roof covering is vital to achieving IBC compliance for the roof assembly.  Only those roof coverings that have been tested as required by the IBC regulations will complete the assembly and make it a lawful assembly. The use of untested and unqualified roof coverings over Loadmaster roof decks place the roof assembly outside the building code and reduces it to an unlawful assembly.  To comply with code regulations, the tested and legal roof coverings and manufacturers of each are as follows:


Built Up Roofing —————————  GAF – Johns Manville – U. S. Ply, Inc.

Modified Bitumen ————————– Siplast – GAF –  Johns Manville – U. S. Ply, Inc.

PVC Membranes  ————————-  Carlisle – GAF – Johns Manville

TPO Membranes  ————————-  Carlisle – GAF – Johns Manville

EPDM  Membranes  ———————-  Carlisle


NOTE:  All roof coverings are to be fully adhered to the Loadmaster roof deck.  Loose laid or mechanically attached membranes are not code approved.

For more information on low-sloped roof coverings contact your local Loadmaster Dealer or call the Loadmaster Technical Department at 800-527-4035.

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