For Engineers

new_web_wordingLoadmaster has been in the business of helping architects solve their design problems since the early 1970s and during that time, over 500,000,000 sq.ft. of roof deck assemblies has been installed.

Steel Deck Sections

The Loadmaster system includes all types of steel decking for your next project [more…]

System Approvals

Loadmaster has system approvals for UL, FM and more. [more…]

Terminator – Transition and Termination System

The Terminator System completely encases the edges of the roof deck with galvanized sheet steel, providing a base for attachment of fascias, gutters and roof covering. [more…]

Free Design Assistance

Through its CompuDesign service, Loadmaster will design and engineer roof deck assemblies to meet your project needs.  [Start Your CompuDesign Here]