Design Limitations

While Loadmaster Roof Decks function as a superior substrate for roofing, experience has shown that not all roofing materials or systems are suitable, compatible or desirable. Loadmaster Systems, Inc. recommend the following not be used over Loadmaster Roof Decks: black surfaced roof covering membranes; ballasted or mechanically anchored single ply roof coverings; built-up roofing membranes not meeting the requirements of NBS-BSS 55 and installation recommendations of the National Roofing Contractors Association; membranes utilizing coal tar pitch, asbestos felt, cold process or fluid-applied coatings.

Additionally, Loadmaster Roof Decks are not recommended for use where inside temperatures are maintained in excess of 200°F and/or where the inside relative humidity is constantly maintained in excess of 70%.

Since Loadmaster Systems, Inc. does not practice architecture or any engineering discipline, it is the sole responsibility of the design professional(s) to determine when the use of an air barrier/vapor retarder is necessary. Loadmaster Systems, Inc. provides assistance upon request.